Full Charge Bookkeeping


  • accounts payable
  • accounts receivable
  • general ledger
  • payroll
  • financial statements and related financial reports
  • account for fixed assets
  • reconcile bank accounts and petty cash accounts

Business Bookkeeping


  • accounts payable
  • accounts receivable
  • inventory
  • loans payable
  • sales
  • purchases
  • payroll expense
  • owner’s equity
  • retained earnings
  • financial statements and related reporting

You want an accounting firm that you can work with and who works for you: someone you can call with questions or concerns, someone who understands your business and is able to respond to an emergency in a timely manner. The best companies take time to discuss your business needs with you. Tammy Hastings is exactly what you are looking for. Providing reliable, secure bookkeeping and tax service to Central Point, Medford, Ashland and Grants Pass since 1997.

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Licensed Tax Consultant #62691C
Enrolled Agents License #105091-EA

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